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10 Blogs by Teens You Need to Follow

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Hey! I’ve really been wanting to make this post for a while. When I started my blog, it took me a while to find other blogs by teenagers. I browsed the internet a lot before I found any results I was looking for. The only blogs I could find were ones written by adults for teenagers. Eventually I did find other blogs by teens and I really recommend you check them out. I always love interacting in this wonderful community of bloggers. Their posts are really great and always inspire me. Below, I’ve included 10 of my favorite blogs, along with some of my favorite posts by them.

Beautiful Days

If you like aesthetic and entertaining blogs, (and who doesn’t?) you need to check out Beautiful Days. This blog is by Willow. Honestly, she has the most gorgeous blog ever. Plus all of her posts are super fun and creative.

Favorite Posts:

A Bookworm’s Paradise

A Bookworm’s Paradise is a blog by Rachel. It has lots of bookish posts like reviews, recommendations and other super creative posts. Her posts are really fun to read. They’re inventive and her personality really shines through in her writing.

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Favorite Posts:

A Curly Sue’s Ramblings

This blog is by Evin and was one of the first blogs found when I began searching for other teen bloggers. I fell in love with A Curly Sue’s Ramblings immediately. It really excited me about blogging and still does whenever I read it. She writes really interesting posts on blogging, lifestyle, reading, and a lot more. Her posts are so fun to read and you really need to check her blog out if you somehow haven’t already.

Favorite Posts:

Diary of a Daydreamer

Diary of a Daydreamer is a blog by Hannah that is super cute and aesthetic. She writes posts about topics like faith, dance, hair and fashion, and lifestyle. I really love her series called The Emmie Show, in which she interviews other bloggers. It was called the Emmie show since Hannah used to go by her pen name, Emmie, until recently.

Favorite Posts:

Heidi Lane

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Heidi’s blog has lots of fun bullet journaling, lifestyle, and personal posts. Her posts are straight to the point and entertaining. She has a really fun series in which she shares daily holidays for each month.

Favorite Posts:

The Life Puppet

I found The Life Puppet through The Teen Magazine. The teen behind The Life Puppet, Ikwuegbu, is a writer for the Teen Magazine like me. Her articles, like her blog posts, are very well written and informative. I suggest you check them out as well. She writes posts about a variety of topics including productivity, lifestyle, and wellness.

Favorite Posts:

The Name is Divi

Divi’s blog is like so pretty. I love the layout of it and her tagline “tales of a not-so-dainty-mind” is so cute! She has gorgeous photography posts. She also has lots of posts about books, wellness, and her life. I always enjoy reading her posts and I bet you will too.

Favorite Posts:

Random Reader’s Rambles

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This is a bookish blog by Suhani. She makes a ton of posts about reading and books. A fun series on Random Reader’s Rambles in Monthly Wrap Ups. At the end of each month, she posts a Wrap Up. These posts consist of the books, songs, bog posts, and media she’s consumed in the past month. They’re really fun posts to read.

Favorite Posts:

Tasha Van Kesteran

Tasha’s blog has posts about writing, photography, and faith. Her posts are very fun and insightful. She has a super cool series on her blog where she interviews authors. A personally love this series as I am passionate about writing.

Favorite Posts:

Zainab Chats

Zainab’s blog is super inspiring and promotes positivity. All her posts are so fun to read and I always finish reading them in a better mood than I started. Her posts are straight to the point and really useful.

Favorite Posts:

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I hope you found some new blogs to follow! If you also have a blog, make sure to comment down below. I love discovering new blogs too. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope your having a great day!


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  1. AHH thank you so so much for the mention❤️❤️ it really made my day!! And I absolutely love all the other blogs you’ve mentioned!
    great post!!💖💖


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